Best Hamburger
Sierra Country Store


Who does not like a good hamburger, hmmm? Okay, not you, but most everyone else does and that is why I am placing this information on my web page. Larry  Breed owns the Country Store in Sierra City and along with a nice array of food and booze, they have a deli. Before I get to the hamburger I must mention they make some of the best deli sandwiches I have had, no, not goat cheese and bean sprouts, French rolls with an inch of sliced meat and all the other stuff that you will probably not get your mouth around unless you have a pie hole like Larry. Anyhow, back to the burger. It is priced right, Larry makes the patty from hamburger by hand, not premade, and he actually washes his hands first. Really, I am not taking anything away from our fine eating establishments in town and at Bassetts, but if you are passing thru, staying awhile, or looking for a fun weekend drive, stop by the country store and get a hamburger. Larry Breed, famous for saying" I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger on Thursday" will greet you with a smile. Larry told me the reason they are so good is he has dedicated his life to trying out burgers far and wide so lets hear it for Larry who placed his manly figure on the line for all of us. Thanks Larry. The picture above is an actual live shot of one of these little treasures, well not little but you get the point. Carmelized onions to. I will add that they are so big and good they have been known to make people faint.  You can learn all about the proper eatting of this hamburger and all about the Country Store at While in the store don't forget to mention that Mike and Lindy have the cutest grand daughter in Town, although Lola is a close second for sure. Oh, don't like burgers, get a pizza, they do those to, cooked or take and cook. Remember, and don't be shy, when you see that burger ask for a chair!!