About Your Hosts




Well, this section is about us, Mike and Lindy Terwilliger, your hosts and owners. Both of us are California born and raised. We met in Redding and were married in 1980. We have two daughters, age 32 and 34 as of now and grand daughters Lily and Annabelle. Mike spent his adult life as a professional fire fighter working for CalFire the first 24 years and Truckee Fire Protection District this last 10 years. Lindy spent her married life following Mike around California during his career raising our kids and working for various venues including schools, doctors and last but not least the Squaw Valley PSD. Her career in office management and billing was tailor-made for this new career of running a business and supervising staff: Mike.

We bought this place spring of 2005 and never looked back. We had the entrepreneurial itch so to speak, Mike spent summers in Truckee as a kid working at an Inn and liked the area. We were new at this business and still have lots to learn. One of the driving forces was this: we liked to travel and stay at places with cottages and such and always talked about what we would do if we were running it. In fact, as guests tell us what they would do when they stay here we always mention that they to should get an Inn. Anyhow, we are living the dream of having a place only dreams are made of. You know, everyone has a dream to do something. Not many act on it or have the means. One of our dear friends BZ told us he is so proud of us because we talked the dream and actually did it. We like the sound of that. The best part is we are the boss, no Board of Directors to talk to and we do it the way we want. We think we are doing okay and want you to come see for yourself. We have fashioned the service we offer based off what we have liked and more importantly disliked when we hit joints like this. In fact we still travel and we are happy to say that we do not find any that we like as much as ours. Not to objective but that is the way it is. Frankly, we have spent way too much time in places that cost way over 150 per night and they are dumps. We are continuosly amazed at the poor condition of Inns, what they don't do for you and it is a source of great frustration to us.  The frustration is this: why do people stay at places like that when they could stay here? Guess we will never figure that one out. We firmly believe that to be successful in this type of venture you have to be hands on. When we stay at various places we can tell very soon just how far away the real owners are. The plus is the folks we get to meet and call friends. The list is growing.

The picture is on a snow mobile trip to Wyoming and we found a clear day to get a shot of the Tetons.