Local Restaurants

Like sands in the hour glass:

We will try and keep tabs on restaurant hours but it is best to call them if it is important. You can find info at www.sierracountychamber.org

Country Store: a good supply of food and libations and a killer deli, dinners to go, breakfast burritos, open until 6:00 or so, 7 days a week. Great option!! Best hamburger ever!

Mountain Creek/BuckhornOpening April 10th, 2015!!!!!!

Mountain Java: closed indefinitely

Herringtons: closed October12 

Bassetts; open every day store and restaurant

Old Sierra City Hotel: dinner on weekends and occasional bar menu, Taco Tuesdays, outdoor BBQ, all good.

Red Moose:  New Owners Opens April 1, 2015

Sorroccos: good bar, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Los Dos Hermanos in Sierraville, closed Monday

Coyote Bar and Grill:  Graeagle  all  week

Sardine Lake:  closed October 12  

Packer Lake: closed October 12 

Big Springs: closed

Grub Stake: open in Downieville 

Two Rivers Cafe: open now, the old gallows Pizza in Downieville

Mexican place in Downieville, unsure of hours but available



Should stay like this until.........................................????????

The mexican food in Sierraville is really good at Los Dos Hermanos and only 25 minutes. With the Gold Lakes Highway open  the Coyote Grill in Graeagle is fantastic and only a short drive. You can also hit Blairsden and find some good options. Downieville is good with Two Rivers cafe  and a Mexican place. Looks like the Grubstake is open again!


 So who needs a restuarant?

 We have 7  kitchens so bring food, bar-b-que in the fresh air and snooze on a deck. Warm days, cool nights and fresh air. One of our guests asked if they need bottled water. I told them our water comes out of the mountain and this is where bottled water comes from so enjoy it out of the tap, we do.